Investing in the well-being of kids and young adults

Elex Children’s Haven, Inc., (ECH) is a 501(c)3 non-profit economic and social service corporation. The organization provides transitional residential services and transitional housing for youth preparing to age out of the foster care system while also offering mentoring, counseling, life and leadership coaching. The services are offered throughout the year daily. The length of each participant's stay varies based on individual needs, that is approximately one year or the length of enrollment in a course of study in a secondary education institution. By providing these transitional residential services for foster care students, ECH will help to mentor and prepare students for a successful transition into independent living. 

Also, the organization provides a three-tier life and leadership coaching program during each participant's stay. The curriculum is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of each student, depending on their individual circumstance. 

Certified professional life coaches, licensed counselors, and mentors are on hand to educate on developing life skills, leadership training, decision-making, and community involvement. The curriculum addresses the young adults in peer support groups, short and long-term goal planning and develops a healthy coping mechanism. 


Nearly 40% of youth who age out of foster care ends up homeless.

​Less than 3% will earn a college degree.

More than 60% of young women will be pregnant by age 21.​


Our Programs

Life and Leadership Coaching Program



We have developed and trademarked a 3-tier life and leadership coaching program that will address the individual mind, body, and spirit. The first tier is life skills and it will cover home management, time management, health and hygiene, and basic budgeting skills. 

The second tier is interpersonal development, and the residents will learn effective communication skills, conflict resolution, healthy coping mechanisms, and self-actualization. The third tier is leadership training and here is where we delve deeper into financial literacy, critical thinking skills, career development, and mentorship. The coaching program and our organization transcend foster care that is why we expanded to educating disadvantaged youth and equipping them with life skills. We work in close collaboration with all of the Independent School District’s, the State of Texas CPS, Health and Human Services as well as Texas Workforce Commission. 


Mathematics, Science, and Leadership Camp


 This academic and leadership camp focused on mathematics, science, life and leadership skills. The camps pre-expose incoming sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to content before the upcoming school year.